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Cart2Cart Introduces WooCommerce Multilingual Migration
Posted by Taras Kopchak on 02 September 2016 06:07 PM

Great news for all WooCommerce store owners, or those who are planning to become one. Today, Cart2Cart service introduces the support of multilingual WooCommerce migration!

Now, you can perform swift, automated migrations of multiple languages to or from WooCommerce, preserving all multi-language data, such as:

  • Products (Title, Slug, Description, Custom Product Attribute(Name, Value(s)))
  • Product categories (Description, Name)
  • Product variations (Variation description)
  • Image texts
  • URLs

Since WooCommerce does not support multiple languages by default, you need to install the WordPress Multilingual Plugin to create them. It allows to localize your WooCommerce online store to 40+ languages conveniently ensuring an excellent user experience for foreign speaking customers.

Cart2Cart offers migration of multiple languages for no additional fees, but the WooCommerce WPML plugin required for language transfer is paid. Please, see available options here.

Note: When migrating to or from WooCommerce, WPML plugin needs to be installed and configured on your WooCommerce store before the transfer. Otherwise, multilingual migration won’t be possible. Please, read our FAQ for more info.

Try out an enhanced WooCommerce migration functionality right now! Start with FREE Demo Migration and test how it works by moving a limited number of entities within 30 minutes only.

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CMS2CMS Now Supports Drupal 8 Migration
Posted by Dmytro Lazarchuk on 26 August 2016 05:16 PM

CMS2CMS Supports Drupal 8 Migration

A new era of Drupal 8 dawns on CMS2CMS. Migration to Drupal 8 is now available. We’ve paved this way especially for your two companions – time and effectiveness. Inside the details are awaiting you.

We’ll make you forget the word “manual”. Right, throw it away from your everyday vocabulary, because no more wasting time either updating your Drupal 7 website or content transferring. What does it require?

  • First – create your account (all that login-password thing).
  • Then set up CMSs and URLs of your current and new website. The process of moving your contents has started.

Voila. Congrats, you’ve made a successful migration to Drupal 8. Applauds everyone. In case you’d like to check things out, try Demo migration, which will show you all the beauty of smooth migration art.

Afraid that a change of your current CMS will cause more popularity and higher website rankings? Then we’re sorry but this info is not for you. Drupal 8 has a lot of freshness to offer, that is necessary to try.

What are you waiting for? It’s the right time for Drupal 8 migration. Switch to the latest Drupal version and make your website a real incredible Hulk.

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The Power of Magento Discounts Is Now at Your Fingertips
Posted by Anastasia Kholod on 11 August 2016 07:11 PM


Probably the most flexible discount management you will ever find is that of Magento. This is one of the major reasons why thousands of merchants and enterprises opt for this shopping cart. The good news is that you have one more card up your sleeve now, which is access to entering, working with and building features on discounts data from their stores.

Through the API2Cart API, you can now retrieve and operate with discounts from any web store built with Magento. In particular, it allows your application to do the following:

  • get, create, update, and set conditions for discounts;
  • apply them to product categories, attributes, attribute sets, and custom groupings;
  • make the changes visible on main and/ or secondary Magento sites.

On the practical side, you can use these capabilities to add discount features to your price optimisation software, multi-channel selling platform, or other B2B e-commerce application. To start benefiting from the API2Cart API, say us a “hi” or register a trial account to see how it works.

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Shopify Connector: a Supplement Your Future Clients Will Appreciate
Posted by Anastasia Kholod on 03 August 2016 06:08 PM

Shopify Connector

We are happy to announce that our collection of shopping cart connectors has been complemented by Shopify Connector. With its help your customers no longer need to share authentication and authorization data to connect to your B2B system through our API.

All they need to do is just press the button in their private admin surrounding via our easy-to-install connectors, and their store will be instantly added to your API2Cart account. The only thing you need to provide them with on your side is your unique Plugin Key.

Speaking the language of benefits, Shopify Connector is helpful because it does the following:

  • automates the API key exchange;
  • eliminates the manual effort for your clients;
  • keeps your customers’ account credentials private.

If you have any questions regarding the plugins or API2Cart, schedule a consultation with our representative.

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24/7 Support - Bother Us Whenever, We Like Helping You
Posted by Taras Kopchak on 24 June 2016 11:25 AM

Every day and week of every month, the whole year round - that’s when we’re ready to provide a dedicated assistance for you. From now on, MagentiOne's Support works 24/7, just like your gas station.

So, if you’ve got migration questions, want to make a request, or just need clarifications - get in touch whenever and however’s convenient for you - via chat, phone or email. Make sure our insomniac support managers aren’t shortening their life expectancy for nothing - engage them, ask for help or simply say “Hello”, they’ll be glad.

MagneticOne Team

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File2Cart Got Merged with Cart2Cart!
Posted by Taras Kopchak on 16 June 2016 12:26 PM

file2cart merged with cart2cart

Awesome news, everyone! Two giants of e-Commerce industry are merging together! File2Cart, service to import data from files to shopping cart, and Cart2Cart, an automated shopping cart migration service, are now one single unit -- more comprehensive and more powerful.

Now, you can easily import your data from CSV files to any of 70 world’s most popular shopping carts automatically! How cool is that?

It’s super easy:

  1. Pick CSV File as your Source Cart and upload the files in .csv
  2. Choose the Target Shopping Cart you’re willing to import the data to and upload the Connection Bridge
  3. Map the fields from your .csv files to corresponding ones in your Target Cart
  4. See data import in action by going through a free Demo migration
  5. Smash Start Full Migration button!

Cart2Cart guarantees data import to be secure, fast and automated keeping your store online and functioning without a hitch. So quit talking, start your FREE Demo import now!

Important: download an example of how structure of the .csv file needs to look like to ensure an accurate data migration. Please, note that we do not check the CSV files before the migration.

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