I cannot save Comparison Engine Categories (CSE Taxonomy) . How to set Category matches for my export feed with "Click here to set up category matches" ?
Posted by on 19 July 2012 06:37 PM

When you enter some of the Export Feeds settings in the store Admin panel you can see the link "Click here to set up category matches". It is present for the Engines that require your products to be placed in one of their specific categories. This CAtegory matching tool opens in a pop-up and works the following way: you start typing the category name in the field corresponding to your shopping cart category, hold for a moment, then the suggested category list appears. Then you select one needed category from the list and hit save. Please note that for the top categories you need to select specific category, for subcategories you may use Same as Parent option.

Make sure that you do not copy-paste categories into that Comparison Engine Category field, since in will not be saved. Only category selected in a dropdown can be saved in order to avoid confusion.

If you cannot open that "Click here to set up category matches" link make sure that your browser allows pop-ups.



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