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24/7 Support - Bother Us Whenever, We Like Helping You
Posted by Taras Kopchak on 24 June 2016 11:25 AM

Every day and week of every month, the whole year round - that’s when we’re ready to provide a dedicated assistance for you. From now on, MagentiOne's Support works 24/7, just like your gas station.

So, if you’ve got migration questions, want to make a request, or just need clarifications - get in touch whenever and however’s convenient for you - via chat, phone or email. Make sure our insomniac support managers aren’t shortening their life expectancy for nothing - engage them, ask for help or simply say “Hello”, they’ll be glad.

MagneticOne Team

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File2Cart Got Merged with Cart2Cart!
Posted by Taras Kopchak on 16 June 2016 12:26 PM

file2cart merged with cart2cart

Awesome news, everyone! Two giants of e-Commerce industry are merging together! File2Cart, service to import data from files to shopping cart, and Cart2Cart, an automated shopping cart migration service, are now one single unit -- more comprehensive and more powerful.

Now, you can easily import your data from CSV files to any of 70 world’s most popular shopping carts automatically! How cool is that?

It’s super easy:

  1. Pick CSV File as your Source Cart and upload the files in .csv
  2. Choose the Target Shopping Cart you’re willing to import the data to and upload the Connection Bridge
  3. Map the fields from your .csv files to corresponding ones in your Target Cart
  4. See data import in action by going through a free Demo migration
  5. Smash Start Full Migration button!

Cart2Cart guarantees data import to be secure, fast and automated keeping your store online and functioning without a hitch. So quit talking, start your FREE Demo import now!

Important: download an example of how structure of the .csv file needs to look like to ensure an accurate data migration. Please, note that we do not check the CSV files before the migration.

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Great News! PrestaShop Cloud Is Now Supported by API2Cart!
Posted by Anastasia Kholod on 14 June 2016 12:08 PM

On this warm and sunny day of May, we are excited to announce PrestaShop Cloud has joined the ranks of the API2Cart family! This means that you can now retrieve and process the gamut of store data from this shopping cart to meet the needs of more clients.

To add a PrestaShop Cloud store to API2Cart, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the API2Cart connectors page.
  2. Download and install the PrestaShop module.
  3. Go to the plugin dashboard and press Connect.
  4. Copy your store key.
  5. Go to your API2Cart account and add the store by entering the store key copied.
  6. And voila! The work is done!

Haven’t tried how integration with PrestaShop Cloud and more than 30 other shopping carts would work for your business? Test it now by adding and manipulating data from either a demo or your personal store.

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Thought you could retrieve any detail your client would want? Now you can get even more!

Let your system know if a product attribute is displayed on the storefront and how. Second in a dropdown list? Seventh in a textbox? Not a problem to extract and use this information to do what you do best, be it data feed management, cross-border commerce, or any other B2B service.

To ensure your business can get the most of product attribute data, we developed three API methods that cover the gamut of operations you might want or need to perform. With the API2Cart functionality updated, you can now do the following:

  • get all the product attributes available on the shopping cart via product.attribute.list
  • retrieve groups of attributes available on Magento and OpenCart via
  • extract all the values that the attribute needed can take via product.attribute.value.list

How Your Customers Use Product Attributes

If your users sell electronics, furniture or tools of any kind, they want to offer buyers the ability to search and browse items based on a specific attribute such as colour or brand. If they sell or plan tosell products on different platforms and marketplaces, they want those products to be described everywhere with no detail missed, and preferably in the same order.

How Your B2B System Can Use Product Attributes

Product attributes retrieved from the primary online point of sale that is, in most cases, a web store, makes sending item facts and descriptions to any platform worldwide more effective. The information they comprise is more structured and detailed. Apart from all the product attributes that the shopping cart allows, the new API methods retrieve additional information to let you do the following:

  • get attribute groups, values, and labels
  • know whether the information is visible on the storefront (including how and where)
  • see if a user-defined attribute is required when placing an order

Interested in finding out more or would like to start benefiting from product attributes today? Get in touch with our representative to discuss the details.

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Arastta, the New Name on e-Commerce Market, is Supported by Cart2Cart
Posted by Rostyslav Demush on 05 April 2016 05:43 PM

Arastta, the New Name on e-Commerce Market, is Supported by Cart2Cart

Hey there, e-Commerce people, Cart2Cart’s here! We hope you had a happy Easter and want to congratulate you one more time, in our favorite way - by expanding your migration possibilities. This time, we give you Arastta, the new but already celebrated name on e-Commerce market and the most recent partner of Cart2Cart service. From now on, Cart2Cart supports migrations to Arrasta shopping cart.

As we've mentioned, Arastta is quite new to the e-Commerce market - the first version was released in May 2015. The cart is open source, lightweight and feature packed enough for creating a successful and unique online retailer. Its modules for drag-n-drop layout management make customization a breeze and powerful SEO toolset will bring recognition to your store promptly. On top of that, the platform provides a simple admin panel, high-speed performance and advanced security options - all for free.

So, if you want to try out the new promising cart - Cart2Cart will gladly help. Register an account and perform migrations to Arastta easily, in a few steps.

See for yourself, try a free demo right now.

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